“Ian” started his journey in Cannes Film Festival, since then the short film won important awards for Best Animation and Best Short Film, it got selected in more than twenty festivals. Now is competing to be nominated for the Academy Awards 2018.

“Ian” our shortfilm accomplished a once in a lifetime event. The kids cinematography industry will broadcast IAN simultaneously on November 30th.


Mundoloco CGI - Animated Studios

Ian was produced by Juan Jose Campanella, one of the most important and recognized Latin-American filmmakers, partner of MundoLoco one of the top digital animation studios. Creators of the smash hit feature film Metegol (Underdogs), the largest animated film to come out of Latin America to date.

IAN Foundation

Ian Foundation fight against the lack of information and knowledge that often lead people with disabilities to be bullied and isolated. The short Ian rises from the need and goal of this foundation to reach every home with an inclusion message.

It has been declared of National Interest by the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation.

The animated shortfilm is based on a true story. Ian is a child who wants to reach the world with a message of love. With Sheila’s help, his mother and president of IAN Foundation, they managed to transform pain and anguish into action to break down the barriers of isolation that people with disabilities often suffer and to transmit that on the road to a more inclusive society there is no time to lose.

With this desire, Sheila approaches MundoLoco CGI Animation Studio. The film - Created by Gastón Gorali, produced by Juan José Campanella and directed by Abel Goldfarb - seeks to bring disability closer to all children, promote contact with this reality and guide them to acquire concrete tools to be people of solidarity.

Its realization

"Ian" is a proposal of high aesthetic quality and made with a combination of 3D animation and Stop Motion. It has real mock-ups made with recyclable material and the latest digital technology. This shortfilm does not use dialogues to express children’s feelings, which makes it even more inclusive so that all people, regardless of language, race, color or flag, are able to understand the message of love.